Day spent as rabbit


Today is the Day

when I awoke I felt

surpassing comprehension,

that Today I will be rabbit.

The day begins slower

than usual, I stay in bed

mix and mingle with the sheets

I lazily begin the day.

In my full-body rabbit suit

I am complete, snuggly shielded

from everything outside

in my second skin.

On the day I am rabbit

I can do some chores,

some minor house chores,

nothing grand but a little cooking

and a little cleaning here and there.

Mid-July sun through the window

I’m a little hot in my fuzzy full-body suit

but let that be, no need

for extra air-conditioning

for today I am rabbit and it’s all okay.


Later in the afternoon I get a visitor

who hasn’t been rabbit to-day

and to this visitor I appear a slug,

a sloth, a pig and a lazy bum,

and to the dismay of my dear rabbit-suit

he turns and tosses me several times

and takes me to the shower to

rain a lukewarm spray of water on me.

Now my rabbit-skin droopy and wet,

Water drops trickle down my rabbit nose,

I try to communicate in my best means and measures,

what it feels and means to be rabbit to-day,

but some experiences are non-sharable

and some feelings non-communicable,

so this visitor leaves me with many suggestions,

and recommendations on how to be,

and he means all well— that I know,

but we part our ways I still a rabbit to-day

unable to change to-day on my day I am rabbit

unmistakably and unalterably rabbit to-day

it seems so permanently stuck that I am rabbit to-day